ManBasics Gifts for The Ladies

Gifts for the Ladies

ManBasics Gifts for The Ladies

We met some great colleagues at the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild meeting this past week outside Dallas, TX. Beard oils and beard balms are the minority at these kinds of events, but that didn’t stop ManBasics from meeting a lot of great people and getting some great ideas on some new products to bring forth for ManBasics followers.

Gilded Olive Whipped Sugar Scrub
Gilded Olive Whipped Sugar Scrub

We understand that part of being ManBasic is doing nice things for the ladies in our lives. So, here’s a post with some ideas on gifts you can buy for the females in your life. All the suggestions below are EXCELLENT makers of handcrafted soaps and products. Your lady will thank you!

Gilded Olive Apothecary – Valerie has a wonderful store that is a throwback to the 1920s. It’s all the style and panache of those bygone years but with all the 21st century know how we have of creating great personal care products. We think any woman would love to have a Whipped Sugar Scrub, which is a scrub, and moisturizer all in one. Honestly, these sugar scrubs look and smell good enough to eat! The can be found

Ashley Marie Body Bars
Ashley Marie Body Bars

Ashley Marie Soap – Ashley’s motto is “don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat”. Since we ARE talking about soap I imagine this is more of a guideline, but it does inform you to her desire for handcrafted goodness. She has a wide variety of Body Bars that DO in fact look edible. It could be that we are hungry writing this blog. She can be found at

Bird’s Creations – Chicks dig candles. It’s sort of a scientific fact. ManBasics loves that our ladies love candles from Bird’s Creations. LOADS of interesting scents so there is bound to be one you and your lady will dig. Bird’s Creations is especially known for their Soy Candles, Our favorite is “The Witching Hour”, if only because the name reminds us of Fleetwood Mac. Check them out at

Witching Hour Soy Candle
Witching Hour Soy Candle from Bird’s Creations

Or, perhaps your lady is more the “DIY” type and loves the idea of learning how to make some of these products HERSELF! In THAT case, you will want to be sure to check out Live Soap School, which has a ton of resources for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced soapmaker. There are books, videos, blogs and more. Your lady may be making YOU a gift once you give her something from here.

Live Soap School
Live Soap School has books, classes and more

Hope this gives you guys a few ideas for some gifts that your lady will love!

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