Handcrafted Soaps

ManBasics Handcrafted Soaps are simply AMAZING! If you have never use handcrafted soap, you are truly missing out.

Firstly, our soaps are either 99% or 100% made from all-natural ingredients (we have a few soaps that use fragrance oils instead of essential oils, which makes them 99% all-natural instead of 100%. These are clearly marked in their description).

What’s the difference between a handcrafted soap and one from a big corporate manufacturer? Well, a byproduct of the saponification process is vegetable glycerin. If you look at virtually any “moisturizing” product you will see that this is an ingredient.

Corporate soap makers REMOVE the glycerin so they can make money selling it as a separate by-product. Handcrafted soaps leave the glycerin IN THE SOAP where it belongs. We do this for two reasons 1) it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and 2) we would have no idea how to remove it even if we wanted, haha.

Be sure to check out our “Beer Soaps” as well! These soaps have extra residual sugar left behind from the beer which makes these soaps EXTRA lathering. Trust us you are gonna love them!

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