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How to Keep Your Beard Moisturized During the Summer Months

June 16, 2022 5 min read

How to Keep Your Beard Moisturized During the Summer Months

The beginning of summer can be a confusing time for beard-havers. As the weather gets hot and humid, you may start to wonder about all kinds of things.

  • Should I cut off my beard in summer?
  • What do I do about beard sweat?
  • What to do about an itchy beard?
  • Should I keep using oils even if I get oily in summer?

We’ve put together this post to clarify the answers to all of these questions. Keep reading to learn the key ManBasics tips on how you can keep your beard moisturized during the summer months in a way that’s comfortable, balanced, and keeps your facial hair as healthy as possible.

Keep Your Beard!

There’s nothing wrong with getting a clean shave, especially if you’d like to change your look. On the other hand, if you’ve worked hard to grow a full beard, it’d be a shame to cut it all off just because of a seasonal change.


For some men, regrowing a beard can be a struggle with a very unfortunate patch phase… if that’s you, there’s no reason to go through that struggle again.


In fact, having a beard in the summer can be pretty useful! A study on beards and sun protection showed that longer facial hair can offer decent ultraviolet protection. Moreover, it was found that the longer the beard, the better the protection. If your beard is short or not very dense, you’ll still want to load up on sunscreens when going outside.  


Contrary to popular belief, your beard probably isn’t going to weigh you down or keep you hot. For example, your facial hair will help slow down the evaporation of moisture and sweat, which can actually help you feel cooler once there’s a breeze on a hot day.


That said if your beard is so long that it covers your neck, that could contribute to some overheating, so while you can definitely keep your beard, make sure it’s neatly groomed and trimmed.  

Use a Moisturizing Beard Wash

Summer can be a messy time with increased outdoor activity and a LOT more sweating. Washing your beard will go a long way towards getting rid of grime and helping you feel more refreshed. Regular washing will also prevent the skin under your beard from getting itchy or breaking out.


It’s important you choose a product that won’t strip your skin and hair of all of their naturally protective oils. We formulated our ManBasics Not Your Girlfriend’s Beard Wash to be awesome for daily use in summer, with gentle cleansing agents and a dose of hydrating glycerin and daikon radish extract. 


Note - if you spend most of your summer indoors enjoying the cool AC, you might be able to skip washing your beard for a day or two in a row.

Get Your Trim On

Split ends are a thing, and in summer you can get them in your beard. Keeping your beard trimmed will not only keep you looking polished and put-together, but it’ll also help maintain the health of your beard.


Those dry, frizzy ends are doing you no favors. Getting rid of them will expose healthy ends and leave your beard stronger for it! Plus, taking off a bit of length will also make sure that your beard is as breathable as possible, so you can stay cool.


ManBasics Barbers

If you’re near us here in Texas, you can book an appointment for the best summer beard shape-up of your life (and a cool complimentary cocktail from our bar!). If you’re anywhere else in the world, you can find a great barber in your area by planning ahead, doing some research, and scoping out the vibe.

Nurture Your Skin and Hair With Beard Oil

Your beard and skin both need moisture, especially when heat takes its toll. Dryness in summer can lead to uncomfortable tightness and itchiness. No matter your skin type, it’s important to choose a lightweight, breathable oil that’ll keep your skin and facial hair strong but won’t feel heavy or greasy.


We’ve crafted our beard with jojoba oil which is similar to human sebum. It helps replenish dry hair and skin. We’ve also added argan oil which is non-comedogenic and soothing and black castor oil which has a fantastic reputation for reducing microbes.


You can get our beard oil in a wide range of scents, but the Mojito Beard Oil is the best bet for summer. It has a refreshing, clean, summery scent with a kick of peppermint oil to help you stay cool. 

Stay Neat With Beard Balm

Beard oils are all about nourishing and fortifying your beard, but beard balms work double duty: They nourish AND help you style your beard. In summer, a beard balm will help prevent your beard from getting wildly frizzy even when the humidity is high.


Look for an all-natural beard balm that includes plant butters to smooth the hair cuticle from the outside, plant oils to fortify the beard from within, and a touch of beeswax to provide just enough hold. When applying your beard balm in summer, a small amount goes a long way.


You can layer your beard balm over your beard oil, but make sure that the scents you use are complimentary. That means that in summer, we opt for the Mojito Beard Balm to match our beard oil with the same scent.

Comb Away Tangles

Combing your beard has a lot of benefits, one of which is extra important in summer. First, the obvious - by combing your beard, you can give it a smoother look and get rid of tangles that can lead to hair breakage.


The less obvious benefit is that combing your beard also helps to exfoliate the skin underneath it, especially if you make sure to comb close to the roots. Removing that dead skin buildup helps a lot with getting rid of mild flakiness and preventing an itchy summer beard!


Avoid plastic combs since they can pull on your hair painfully. Instead, opt for a wood comb, like the fragrant dual-sided sandalwood comb in our Beard Comb and Brush Kit


When combing your beard, first start with the more widely-spaced side of the comb, to remove larger tangles with minimal pull. Then, have a second go with the finer side. Run it right up against your skin to exfoliate, and then run it through your facial hair to smooth things out. Finally, to really give your beard that neat finish, brush it with the badger hair brush.

Let Your Beard Thrive This Summer

Keep it clean, keep it groomed, and keep it moisturized - these are the ManBasic tenets to enjoying your facial hair all throughout the hottest of seasons. Have an amazing summer and stay bearded!

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