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Badger Hair Shaving Brush from ManBasics

Our badger hair brush is simply awesome.  Badger’s hair is widely regarded as the perfect hair to use for shaving purposes, and once you try our ManBasics Badger Hair Shaving Brush you will know why!

Badger’s hair is SUPER smooth and gentle on your face.  It also scrubs and gently exfoliates the skin while also opening pores and stimulating the hair follicles so that your hair stands up straight and prepares it to be shaved.

Keep in mind that shaving brushes and soaps are NOT just for straight razor shaves!   Discerning men around the world use badger hair shaving brushes and handcrafted soaps with their safety razors or even just their razor from something that rhymes with “Gazette”.  (actually that’s a pretty terrible “rhyme”.   It’s Gillette, OK?   It’s freaking Gillette.   There.   We said it).

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