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ManBasics Wet Shaving Soap

Our wet shaving soap is the perfect compliment for any man looking to up their shaving game.  The soap is perfectly paired with our (or any) shaving brush and/or our amazing shaving mug.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to use a straight razor to use a shaving soap and shaving brush.  A shaving brush is simply a super comfortable way to add lather to your face, and our shaving soap is THE BEST shaving soap you will ever use.

It has a tremendous amount of moisturizing ingredients (including coconut and shea butter!) so it not only provides plenty of “glide” for your razor to drag across but is also moisturizing and nourishing your face as you shave.

Trust us, you will never want to go back to some crappy-ass store-bought nonsense from Walmart.

Gentlemen, meet your new shaving soap.

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