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April 22, 2020 3 min read


We here at ManBasics have been SUPER busy over the last few months. During Q4 of 2019 we opened up a kiosk at The Woodlands Mall. At the beginning of 2020 we decided we should "graduate" to a physical location, and we ended up signing a lease in Old Town Spring which will include both our store AS WELL as a BARBER!

All of this is to offer an excuse why we have not kept up to date on our Beard of the Month feature for the past few months. We've been busy making products, laying down a floor, painting, installing light fixtures, and all kinds of other crap as we get our location ready to open once we are allowed to do that. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be allowed to open our store and services for business on or around May 1st.

With that in mind, we can think of no better "Beard of the Month" for April 2020 than YOU! You, Mr. "I've Been in Quarantine and Decided to Grow a Beard". Maybe you've never had one before and figured "what the heck". Maybe not having to go to work and having no obligations for two months other than meeting up on Fortnite with your buddies means you have simply completely let yourself go.

Regardless, here you are now, a full-fledged member of the bearded gang. We SALUTE YOU!

Maybe you have no idea what you are doing, maybe you had a beard before and are using this as an excuse to return to form, maybe something in between. Regardless, here at ManBasics, we are here for you with our full line of beard care products (like our popular Beard Comb and Brush Set) and of course our ManBasics Guide to a Kick-Ass Beard.

So as we all prepare for getting back to "normal" (as if we can be sure what that even will BE any longer . . . ) give some thought to that beard you allowed to grow. Sure, you created that beard out of boredom and laziness. Heck, it may not even look good right now.

Don't let that deter you.

That beard HAS potential. We believe in you brah! A little grooming love, some ManBasics beard oil, and our other beard care products . . . this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

A few things to keep in mind for basic beard care. Firstly, beard oil is the foundation of all good beard care. Your beard is drawing moisture out of your face the same way that a lawn of grass draws moisture out of the soil, so you need to make sure you "water the lawn" so to speak. That begins with beard oil, which replaces the natural oils in your face that are being sucked dry by your beard or stripped out of your face when you wash it.

Second, just growing your beard isn't enough. A great beard needs a little grooming love. You can certainly do that yourself, but if you are in the area of Spring, TX may we suggest you come to visit us at our Old Town Spring location and let one of our professional barbers help you? They will take some time to consult with you and make the best look out of the potential beard you have. Then, they will get you started on the right foot by giving the initial trim.

Oh, and you can have a cocktail on us while you are there. Pretty cool huh?  Shoot, you can even pour that cocktail in a flask to take with you and walk around the neighborhood.  

Anyway . . . keep the beard. We will respect you more in the morning.

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