Beard of the Month – SEPTEMBER, 2019

ManBasics Beard of the month - September, 2019

Beard of the Month – SEPTEMBER, 2019

The ManBasics Beard of the Month – September, 2019 is Ryan Pinnick!

Ryan hails from New Caney, Texas and is a fantastic guitar-playing singer/songwriter. He came on ManBasics radar because he plays and sings at the farmers market we attend each weekend in The Woodlands, Texas.

As you can imagine, his beard got our attention.

Honestly, we were giddy like little schoolgirls when he took a break from playing his set to come over and talk to us. Here’s a reenactment:

MB: [to other MB owner] Dude, be cool BE COOL! He’s coming this way . . . just act natural man. He puts his beard oil on with two hands just like the rest of us.

Ryan: What’s up guys?

MB: ‘sup

Ryan: You guys selling beard oil?

MB: [passes out]

OK, so it wasn’t that nerdy . . . mainly because we had met Ryan already when he was playing at another restaurant nearby, so we were already prepared for his epic beardness. Still, you SEE his beard right? It certainly COULD have gone down like that.

Anyway, needless to say, we inducted Ryan into the Society of Epic Beardness right away.

Anyway, it turns out Ryan is a pretty damned cool cat. First off, he’s a really great singer and guitar player. He has a really unique voice that is high and clear. He’s SUPER versatile, playing everything from The Eagles to Depeche Mode to The Beverly Hillbillies theme song.

Yeah, you read that last one right.

Here’s a pretty cool video of him covering Tears for Fears.

As we said, he’s pretty damned good.

It’s no surprise that Ryan didn’t begin growing his beard yesterday. A Beard of the Month – September, 2019 doesn’t grow overnight. Ryan tells ManBaisc he’s been working on his chin music for three years and two months. We are guessing that if pressed he could tell us the exact day he started growing it.

Ryan Pinnick plays some kick ass music with his kick ass beard.
Ryan Pinnick playing some kick-ass music while sporting his kick-ass beard.

Ryan’s beard daily routine probably sounds familiar to most of us. After showering Ryan applies some Manbasics Whiskey Old Fashioned Beard Oil and a leave-in conditioner (we love that Ryan uses our product and mentioned it with no prompting from us!). If he “feelin’ fancy” he’ll add some beard balm to keep the flyaways to a minimum. Follow it all up with a brush through with his boar bristle beard brush. [ManBasics Pro Tip: Boar Bristle brush is SO IMPORTANT! Synthetic or horse hair brushes won’t be firm enough to brush through your beard. They will just gloss over it.)

As you can imagine from someone sporting a lumberjack beard, Ryan likes to spend a lot of time outdoors. Camping with his five kids (FIVE!) is one of the joys of his life. He also likes to kayak, make his own knives, and leather and wood-working. Freaking manly stuff. If there’s a Zombie Apocalypse ManBasics is keeping Ryan on speed dial.

Ryan gets asked A LOT from random people “How do you grow a beard like that!” Ryan has a simple three-step process that he is considering patenting:

  1. Throw away your razor and scissors
  2. Wait a year
  3. Repeat step 1 & 2

Solid advice from a professional beard grower.

And hey, if you are in the Houston area, you can check out

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