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ManBasics Celebrates One Year as The Woodlands Barber Shop

November 12, 2021 5 min read

ManBasics Speakeasy Barber Shop The Woodlands

Wow!  It's hard to believe that it has been ONE YEAR since ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop opened in The Woodlands, but here we are!

Serving As The Woodlands Barber Shop

When ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop opened in November of 2020 we had one goal:  To be the best barber shop in The Woodlands..  

Being a a GREAT barbershop wasn't our goal.   We wanted to create a unique haircut EXPERIENCE that would bring customers back again and again.  We wanted to be the best barber shops The Woodlands offers. 

Start With The Best Barbers

Best Barbers in The Woodlands

Sure, this sounds obvious, but believe it or not, many salons and barbershops skimp on this step.   ManBasics is THRILLED to employee what we believe are the very best barbers and stylists in Conroe and Spring.  Seriously, we will put our team against any team out there.   They are that good.  

Hot Towel Shaves

And we are truly a BARBER shop.   Some people don't understand the difference between a barber shop and a salon.   A salon cuts hair, and sometimes does some nail work . . . maybe.

A barber shop is capable of doing all that AND use a straight razor.   Hot towels shaves, straight razor beard trims, head shaves and more.   

Add a Cool Atmosphere

From the moment you come into our ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop you will notice that things are a bit different than your typical Woodlands hair cut establishment.  

Instead of loud pop music we have classic big band music.   No reruns of ESPN talk shows on mute.   Instead, we feature classic movies that you love.   The Godfather, Alfred Hitchcock and more.

The entire establishment has a classic "throwback" feel, hence the term "Speakeasy" in our name.

A Speakeasy Barbershop?

So what exactly IS a "Speakeasy Barbershop"?   Well, as we mentioned already the decor is meant to evoke that classic "old timey" feel.

A Full Bar in ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop

Oh, and we happen to have a full bar inside.

Yeah, we decided to put the "bar" back into BARber Shop.

And, we aren't just slinging beer in a plastic cup.

At ManBasics we have a full bar that specializes in the Whiskey Old Fashioned.  We even make our own simple syrup.  For real, they are the bomb.   

But of course, it's a full bar so order whatever you want.   Oh, and the drink is on the house.   How cool is that?

What Makes ManBasics a Unique Woodlands Barbershop

We already mentioned a few things that make ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop stand out amongst its barber and salon peers.  The best haircuts in the woodlands, a full bar, an atmosphere that treats you like an adult instead of a college student, and a really cool atmosphere.

But we have even more!

At ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop at 4130  FM 1488 The Woodlands we ALSO have a relaxing manicure and pedicure chair.   Enjoy an automated chair massage while getting your hands and feet cleaned up like a boss.  

Additionally, we even have a full size massage table.   Now, you won't get a full body massage here or anything, but stopping in for a quick 15 minute or 30 minute table massage is a great way to finish a stressful day (especially when you are enjoying a Whiskey Old Fashioned after!).

Why Open a Barber Shop in The Woodlands?

There are plenty of places in The Woodlands that give haircuts aren't there?   Well, sure.  If you like going someplace without an appointment, waiting with screaming kids, loud music, and reruns of "Pardon the Interruption" (played with the sound off of course.   Who wants to watch a rerun of a talk show with the sound off?).

We thought The Woodlands deserved a better haircut experience.

Let's compare shall we?

Other Places  ManBasics
Best Barbers and Stylists in The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe Hit or miss.  
Takes Appointments Nope
Serves beer in a pint glass Nope.  Crap beer in plastic cups
Cocktails in a Crystal Glass Nope.  Crap beer in plastic cups
Handcrafted Personal Care Products Same stuff you can buy in Walmart
Cool Music Loud, crappy pop music
Classic Movies Lame ESPN on mute
Awesome Atmosphere Every place looks the same
Working Victrola Huh?  What's that.

Yeah, we really do have one.


You tell US, where would you rather go?


Creating a Unique Experience Haircut in The Woodlands

Best Barber The Woodlands

We didn't just dream up ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop overnight.  We actually created it as a response to not finding the sort of place that WE wanted to go get a haircut and or a shave.

Like many of you, we began by going to "big box" haircut places (you know, the ones that usually have "clips" in their name).  Right off the bat we noticed how irritating it is to not be able to take appointments.   An impromptu stop in for a haircut is great and all if you are willing to wait an hour in a lobby full of screaming kids, but wouldn't it be nice to skip the line and just be done already?

At ManBasics we take walk-ins when available, but also allow our clients to schedule their services online.  

Next, we wanted pamper ourselves a bit.   Even the big box places offered upgraded services that included hot towels and massages.   Yeah, that's pretty freakin' sweet. 

At ManBasics we offer Manicure and Pedicure services, table massages, chair massages, facials and more.   Treat.  Yo.  Self.

Then, some places turned out to have beer while you wait, or one place even had a semi full bar!   (Though, they were serving drinks in plastic cups . . . that they washed and reused.   Eww.).

The ManBasics Whiskey Old Fashioned

THAT'S pretty cool, right?   Except we wanted to go a step further and treat clients like actual adults.   Beer in pint glasses and cocktails in crystal tumblers.   Nice.   

Lastly, we were tired of all the places looking EXACTLY the same.   Honestly, if you walk into any of those big box stores you have seen all of them.  

So we created a unique throw back feel.   We used "speakeasy" as our go to term as we developed our "look and feel" and again and again returned to that term for inspiration.

We think we created a place that is warm, relaxing, and inviting to our clients while at the same time cool and fun to be in.   Many of our clients just hang out for a bit once their service is done.   

Men's Haircut In The Woodlands

Best Haircuts in the Woodlands

All of this is great and all, but it doesn't mean a thing if you don't come in and get a GREAT haircut.  A great atmosphere, delicious Whiskey Old Fashioned, etc. can get a new client to try out a place, but only a fantastic barber or stylist service will get the client to come back again and again.

That's why at ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop we are extremely discerning about who we hire.   We don't just hire anyone off the street.   We have a multistep interview process to ensure candidates are not only are great barbers and stylists, but that they are a good fit for the atmosphere we are creating at ManBasics.

Our google reviews back us up on this.  

Trying To Provide The Best Men's Haircuts and Shaves

 That pretty well sums it up.  At the end of the day, at ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop we are trying to provide the best haircuts and best barber shop in The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe.  

Why not check it out yourself by booking online today?

Why ManBasics is awesome

  • The Best Barbers and Stylists in The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe
  • Complimentary Cocktails
  • Online booking (Walk-Ins still welcome though!)
  • Classic Movies
  • A kick-ass big-band and swing music playlist (Find the ManBasics Playlist here!)
  • A great atmosphere with an amazing staff.

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