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Thoughts on 2021 from ManBasics

December 31, 2021 4 min read

Thoughts on 2021 from ManBasics

Well, 2021 is over . . . and for the most part I think we can all agree that we shouldn't let the door hit its ass on the way out.  

That said, there were a lot of things about 2021 that were amazing for ManBasics, and we are really excited for the future moving forward.

ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop Franchising

ManBasics Speakeasy Babershop Franchise

The most important thing that happened to ManBasics in 2021 was all the work we put in to franchising the ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop.   We had been working on this project almost from the moment we opened our FM 1488 location to as much enthusiasm as we received from our clients to close out 2020.

We knew that ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop in the Woodlands was something special.  Clients loved and really responded to our unique look and feel and loved our approach to creating a fantastic haircut and barber experience for our clients.  We wanted to be amongst the best barber shops The Woodlands has to offer its citizens, and we think we have achieved that goal!

As such, we worked with an experienced Franchise Development Company and their legal team to prepare all the documentation, legal hoops, and created on paper our plan for franchisees to duplicate our amazing concept.

By about May of 2021 we were ready to start offering franchises to the public.   We attended a couple of tradeshows late in the fall and received some great response. We are in talks with several people about developing our first non corporate owned store soon.

If YOU are interested in owning a ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop Franchise, please email

Building a Team of The Best Barbers in The Woodlands

Best Barber Team in the Woodlands

When we began in late 2020 we had a small team of amazing barbers.  That said, we knew we were going to need to grow the team larger as more people discovered our little barbershop in the woodlands. 

ManBasics takes great pride in selecting the best from barbers and stylists that apply to work for us.  Over the course of 2021 we were able to add to our staff and maintain our very high standards.

We have said it many times . . . but as a business owner there are a lot of things we may worry about.   One things we NEVER worry about is a client getting a bad haircut or barber service.  

Simply put there is no better team of barbers in the woodlands than our team at FM 1488.  

Ugh, COVID-19

COVID-19 and ManBasics

Sadly, COVID-19 continued to be a continuing concern from 2020 throughout the year of 2021.  ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop takes pride in allowing our clients the flexibility to be comfortable in our shop.   While we do not require masks (or proof of vaccination) our team is more than happy to mask up on request from any client that visits our barbershop in the woodlands. 

ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop proudly follows TDLR requirements and runs a very clean shop.  We were thrilled that Governor Abbott rescinded the mask mandate in March of this year, which guaranteed our clients (and employees) the right to choose whether or not to wear a mask during services.   Throughout 2021 our team has never tested positive for COVID-19, nor has anyone attributed getting COVID-19 to visiting our shop.     

Speakeasy Drink of the Month

The ManBasics “Drink of the Month” remained popular all year!   We had a lot of fun with this.   Our drinks ranged from the spooky “Sweeney Todd” for Halloween (featuring dry ice and gummy worms!) to our classic margarita for May and Cinco de Mayo.

Be sure to stop by ManBasics at least once a month so you can discover what our NEXT Drink of the month will be!

 The Woodlands Barbershop Grand Opening

While we were open for most of the last two months of 2020, we considered that to be a soft open.  We were thrilled to host our Official Grand Opening in January of 2021 in conjunction with a car show.

ManBasics The Woodlands Grand Opening

Wow, did people show up!   There were literally dozens of kick-ass cars at our show.   Southern Star Brewery generously donated a keg of beer to keep spirits up, and we featured live music from Ryan Pinnick (He real good!).

Some of you may not remember, but our car show was on the Saturday after the “great freeze” of 2021.  Right up until the day of the event we were worried that we would be able to have the event at all.  Would weather interfere?   Would the roads still be icy?   Would people who planned to come decide to stay home?

All those fears proved false as friends, clients, and newcomers came out in droves, thrilled to be able to get out of their house on what ended up being a PERFECT weather day for an outdoor event.   Thanks to everyone who come out and participated!

What’s in Store for 2022?

So now that 2021 is over, what are the plans for ManBasics in 2022?   Glad you asked!   First and most important, we plan to continue offering the best barbershop experience in the Woodlands and Old Town Spring.  We have put together a great team at both locations, so if you have not experienced our services yet, what are you waiting for?   Why not Book Now?

Second, 2022 will be the year we sell open our first franchise.   In fact, our goal is to open at least two new locations in 2022.   Who knows, maybe YOU will be the owner of a ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop in 2022!

ManBasics also has a few secret plans up its sleeve, so be sure to say tuned to ManBasics for the latest news!   We can’t wait to share some of these updates with you once they are ready to reveal.

So, here’s to the end of 2021 and looking forward to a fun, healthy, prosperous, and GREAT LOOKING 2022!

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